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Swallowthescene is a premade layout community.
No requesting, thanks.

yourbestbet____ -- ohmygoshxx
receiving_end -- cashonlykid -- oohmy_____x____
____thatgirl -- shikon_jewel


1.Credit is a must. Once you take a layout, please remember to credit either the community, or the maker of the layout, in your userinfo. If you do not credit you will be banned. (You may use the banners at the bottom of this page if you wish to do so.)
2.No drama. Please, we're all beyond that. If you don't like a person, their ideas, or their opinions, keep it to your goddamn self. If you don't like a layout someone's created, don't use it. There's no need for criticism. Let's leave the bitching to Nicole and Paris.
3.You're an idiot. d0 NoT tYpe lYke diS. C'mon, seriously?
4.Modification is allowed. You're allowed to modify a layout to fit your liking. Unless, however, the creater of the layout has specifically said not to. If you modify, credit is still to swallowthescene.
5.Do not give out overrides. The coding found in this community is to stay in this community. No exceptions. If one of your friends wants overrides for a layout found in swallowthescene, don't give it to them. Tell them to join the community.
6.If you're using a layout, tell us. If you are going to use a layout or save it into your memories, comment on the entry and say so.
7.If you're declined, you're declined. Once you are rejected from the community, please, do not bother the mods by contiounsly asking why you were not accepted. If you really want to be a member, keep applying. You'll probably be accepted eventually
8.Friends Only. Make sure that all of your posts are submitted as friends only.

9.Other. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact a mod :





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